"TIME GUARDIAN" Commissioned work for Zero Square - Malaysia.

- Uni Pin Fine Liners
- 11 x 16 inches of Canson sketch paper
- Approx. 18 hours of drawing

BIGGER IMAGE HERE: http://goo.gl/C8n6OD

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Holy gorgeous!


Fuck. That’d make a sick tattoo.

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Lovely message to whom it may concern…:)

Lovely message to whom it may concern…:)


Lyle Owerko

Living in a remote part of Africa the Samburu tribe has been cut off from most of Western civilization up until about 10 years ago when inter-tribal fighting began to subside and the Northern Territory of Kenya was opened up to travellers. Easily one of the most fascinating groups of people I’ve ever encountered, the Samburu are a prideful people who consult the stars for spiritual guidance, all while maintaining a warrior culture that is equal parts fierce and gentle. Known locally as ‘the butterfly people’ the samburu are rumored to be a lost legion of Roman soldiers and cousins to the Maasai. This series of portraits represents a small slice of a larger project documenting the Samburu as they assimilate into a life of increasing influence from technology and western values. 

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